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Since a young age I had a dream to be able to work for myself and with the love for driving, I took the leap to becoming a driving instructor during the pandemic.

I believe in helping others wherever possible, and look forward to helping you become a confident and safe driver, seeing you pass your test(s) whether that’s your theory and/or your practical test or even both.

During the time that I’m not working and giving lessons, I’m usually with my lovely child and I love having Mummy duties. I love cooking, creating freshly made meals and experimenting with new cuisines and dishes. We all learnt that being outdoors is such a wonderful place to be for the body and mind, so I am often out or out for a walk with the little one.

I believe that driving is a skill for life, and being able to drive safely and independently is a skill I can help you gain. I am very patient and adaptive in my teaching styles, to suit you I and aim to provide you with lessons full of information, whilst keeping them enjoyable and structured. The teaching technique I use is student centred, keeping your goals in mind.

My Tuition Car

The car I teach in is a Vauxhall Corsa, which has fitted dual controls so that I am able to help you if needed which gives you peace of mind, if you make a mistake.

What’s great about the car, it’s a very similar size to a car you probably get for your first car so the transition will be easy.

The car has an adjustable seat so anyone can fit in, with air conditioning to keep learning to drive comfortably.

The extra mirrors will make doing manoeuvres easier and less worry by having extended vision.

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